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Already in the times of the PRL era, Nowy Targ was associated with the shoe industry - many still remember the famous Relaxes produced in the Nowotarskie Zakłady Przemysłu Skórzanego Podhale. However, the gigantic factory did not survive the free-market economic transformation after 1989. At the same time, Wiesław Wojas, a representative of a family that has been connected for many generations with the production of footwear, decided to sew shoes under the brand -Wojas, thereby naming his own name for the exceptional reliability of their performance. In 1990, he hired a few people and opened the first company store in Poland. Production in the first year of operation reached several dozen thousand pairs of shoes. Fashionable design, the ability to read the changing preferences of customers and rapid response to market changes, and above all the highest quality of the produced footwear have resulted in the rapid development of the company. In 1994, Wiesław Wojas decided to buy from the administrator of the bankruptcy estate of NZPS Podhale some of the departments of the liquidated factory together with machines. This enabled not only a dynamic increase in production capacity but also the preservation of hundreds of endangered jobs - in just one year, employment in the company had tripled. In 1996, the Wojas Trade company was founded, which took over the existing company stores and started the active expansion of the network.

Years 2007-2008 had opened a completely new stage in the development of the company. First, ZPH Wojas was transformed into a joint-stock company, and in the spring of 2008, Wojas S.A. He made his debut on the Warsaw Stock Exchange. The acquired capital was allocated for the expansion and recapitalization of the sales network (within 3 years, the number of stores almost doubled, reaching the number of 120), expansion of the factory and development of the design department. In the same year, 100% shares in Wojas Slovakia were acquired by intensifying the expansion to the market of Poland’s southern neighbor (currently the Slovak network consists of 9 stores). In 2009, the company started the expansion of the factory, combined with the purchase and implementation of a new injection shoe assembly system and the purchase of new sewing and assembly machines. Half of the investment costs (PLN 12 million) were financed from EU funds under the Innovative Economy Operational Program.

Today Wojas S.A. is one of the largest and most respected Polish footwear manufacturers, which has a network of nearly 180 stores in Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Belarus, and Hungary, and produces several hundred thousand pairs of shoes every year. The company's offer includes elegant leather footwear for women and men and trekking footwear. The offer is complemented by leather goods - handbags, briefcases, and belts. Part of the production is directed to export and to special services - Wojas has been supplying footwear for the army, fire brigade, border guards, Polish post office, forestry, and transport services for several years. Wojas S.A. employs nearly 1,500 people in Poland.

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