Shoe care

Shoe care

In the interest of ensuring your satisfaction and satisfaction with the footwear produced by us, please follow the rules for its use and maintenance listed below.

Top grain leather
Top grain leather - clean the top of the footwear with a cloth dampened in water. After drying at room temperature evenly apply a thin layer of shoe cream, that matches the colour of shoes or use an invisible one. Let the shoes dry and then polish them with a soft shoe brush.

Recommended products: Wojas shoe cream, wax, Aquastop, Multistop and Multicare

Suede and nubuck leathers – Top of the shoe brush with a rubber brush. We recommend using spray products dedicated to that kind of leather. Spray products allow you to evenly cover the leather.

Recommended products: Renovator spray and our Aquastop spray.

Attention! Do not apply waxes and shoe creams

Pull up leather and Crazy Horse - Dirt off the top of the footwear with a clean cloth or sponge moistened in water. After drying at room temperature, spray evenly with OIL SPRAY or apply SHOE GREASE.

Recommended products: Wojas shoe grease, oil spray or crazy oil

Patent leather – clean the top of the shoe with a clean cloth or a sponge lightly soaked in water. Let it dry. After drying, spray it with Vernilux Spray from the distance of 20 cm and let it dry.

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